Ability Has the Best Addiction Counseling and DUI School Reno Has to Offer

Your future is spotless.

Ability DUI School & Counseling is the best place in Reno to break free from your substance abuse problems and anger difficulties. We place the highest value on client growth and development. No matter where you have been in your past, we believe your future is spotless.

Great Staff

Our staff consists of highly motivational counselors licensed and/or certified by the Nevada State Board of Examiners to practice substance abuse counseling or anger management.

Court Required Programs

We happily cater to Parole & Probation, Washoe County Social Services, out of state courts, and employee assistance programs. All court compliance DUI and narcotics programs are available. Get your license back!

We have 10 groups weekly!

You may choose from any one of the groups that accommodates your schedule. You do not need to attend the same group each week, and if you miss one group, you may attend the next available group in that week that fits your schedule!


DUI School Level 1

2 four-hour sessions.

Alcohol or Drugs Level 2

13 weeks of outpatient group counseling with individual counseling as needed.

Alcohol or Drugs Level 2X

26 weeks of outpatient group counseling with individual sessions as needed.

Alcohol or Drugs Level 3

52 weeks (1 year) of outpatient group counseling with individual sessions as needed.

Alcohol or Drugs Comprehensive/Felony DUI Program

Clients come in three times a week attending two group sessions and one individual counseling session. This program is very beneficial for clients that need extra monitoring & support!

Pre Sentence Counseling Programs

Starting the process of counseling and developing a program of recovery cannot start too soon. When clients receive DUI's or other alcohol related charges, they are told they must stop drinking! We offer help as well as reporting for the months prior to being sentenced to a counseling program.


Our office is conveniently located near downtown Reno. The group room has high back leather chairs for every client. The occasional topic-related video can be watched on a large screen HD television. And we never skimp on air conditioning.


Monday 5PM/6PM
Wednesday 11AM
Thursday 5PM/6PM
Saturday & Sunday 10AM/11AM
Friday (Women Only) 11:30AM

Sessions are one hour each. Individual sessions available on request. There are no groups scheduled on Tuesdays. Please show up an hour early if you have not previously enrolled in counseling. For more information, please call: (775) 232-0871


Ron S. Finfer, CADC

Ron has a BA in Psychology and with a certification from the Board of Examiners for Alcohol and Drug Counselers since 2003, he has over 10 years experience in the field. Ron specializes in motivational cognitive behavioral counseling that is designed to help clients identify harmful behavior and relapse triggers, create and define goals, and make appropriate behavior changes toward goal actualization.

Nadine Goodwin, CADC/Specialty Courts Director

Nadine has a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice, Public Management, and Leadership by the end of 2014. She has 11 years experience as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and has worked with Adult Drug Court Clients as well as other chemically dependent individuals. She provides individual and group counseling and has the unique ability to help people overcome their addictions, identify personal goals, and move forward in life.

Diana Sims, CADCI

With a degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling and a highly motivational manner, Diana has the ability to help clients to see their inner strenths and maximize their benefits.


205 S. Sierra St, Ste #304
Reno, NV 89501

Next door to Reno Municipal, Reno Justice, and Reno District Courts for your convenience.

We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit card, check, money order or cash, and can arrange flexible payment plans.

For your convenience telephone/fax enrollments are available!
Phone: (775) 232-0871
Fax: (775) 324-1009

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